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Why You Need a Professional Website To Get Noticed Online

With increased technological options and capabilities, we now have more choices to create free, uniquely designed websites. There are many positives of creating a digital footprint. However if you want to get noticed online, using a free website for your business will...

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When You’ve Got To Figure Shit Out These Tools Will Help

There comes a point in time when a profound way in which we live our lives requires some strong consideration. A period where we need to figure shit out. Some will find this task daunting and some will feel invigorated by it. There are those who will find it a...

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7 Steps to Get Noticed Online Using Content of Substance

When starting out on the entrepreneurial path it can be difficult to gain market share and get noticed online. That’s of course if you’re doing it without a lot of capital or the backing of a partnership. Which most of us are or have had to work through. Competing...

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Introducing Our Graphic Design Intern – Callum Macrae

Introducing our newest member of the Akasha Creative team, Callum Macrae. Callum is currently studying Marketing and Graphic Design at Central Institute of Technology. Callum is highly skilled in web design, logo design, advertising and typography. He will be...

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How To Ask and Create Space For That Which We Desire

Asking for it allows that which we are calling in, the space to do so in the right timing. There's no need to exert as much effort as it's instead about accepting it in. The rigidity of a 100% going out and getting it (GOGI) approach can result in the thing we want or...

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Making Our Home In a Technological Global Village

Sitting in a garden of a cafe in San Marcos, Guatemala last year I was struck by the immensity of the seemingly invisible technological connection that spans the entire globe. The wifi Gods had made their way to the middle of the Guatemala jungle, to a town of 3000...

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Effecting Real Change With the Exponential Growth Curve

In a world rapidly changing with technology it’s imperative businesses keep an eye on trends and public desires. Not doing so can lead to a rapid disintegration in market share. However focusing on the growth curve allows the potential to effect positive change.  ...

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Why the 80/20 Ratio Is the Greatest Ratio There Is

The 80/20 ratio is a rule or a guideline that 80% of our results are created through the best 20% of our output. What are the things you spend 20% of your time on that effectively give you 80% of your return and happiness? Or, what 20% of your outcomes are giving you...

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The Power in Learning Through Listening

Listening. The most underutilised of senses. In a society built to distract, listening is an important aspect of being present. When listening with attention, it leads to an attainment of both knowledge and wisdom. In this post we will look at the three aspects of...

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Finding Success Through Finding the Successful

And we determine success in the broadest of terms. Not only professionally but just as importantly, success on a personal level. This relates to relationships with all who enter our lives, along with the relationships we have with our individual selves. We get out...

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How Stoicism Helps to Move Past the Impossible Obstacles

In a time passed by the likes of Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, lived a life centered on Stoicism. That the obstacle was in fact the method and motivation for overcoming any aspect of life. The ideals of perseverance, adaptation and working with the challenges...

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Why Accountability Is an Important Ingredient to Success

Having a vision for a creative business pursuit is an intoxicating feeling. It provides the motivation to propel our aspirations forward. However once the novelty wears off and ‘life’ does its thing, it can be easy to lose focus of the task at hand.  This is where...

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Top 8 Marketing and Branding Podcasts for Creatives

The medium of podcasting has provided a platform for many people to learn from some of the most interesting minds in the world. Podcasting is a platform that allows for an intensity of conversation that is hard to replicate in any lecture, tutorial, training seminar....

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